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Художник Роман Коновалов. Продам современное искусство. Лучший подарок, купить картину. Галерея Art KNVL Gallery. 


My artistic gesture consists of a combination of neoplasticism style and painting of a color field. My pictorial approach as a metaphor for Artificial Intelligence (AI) thinking. How can artificial intelligence see an aesthetics in painting? What is aesthetics for AI? Also, exploring through canvas and format, linking artistic styles, I examine the influence of space on the feelings, thoughts, moods of a person and try to determine the importance of an artistic gesture in the convergence of a new form. I divided the enlarged canvas into separate sections, each of which is visually self-sufficient, which allowed me to build a statement in socio-political terms. When parts of work fall into the hands of different collectors, it creates an area that unites people regardless of their religious, racial, gender and other differences. And if collectors gather their fragments into a single work for a retrospective act in the exhibition, humanity will come together in solidarity, which artists strive to achieve.

My second way is research abstractionism through representation in a found blot on different surfaces. Associating with the problem of interspecific relations in the different fields, I consider abstraction as an instrument of the language, where the found shapes and symbolic meanings in the found blots are welcomed. Unlike the established tradition of "pure abstraction", where you shouldn't have associations, when are you looking at an abstract canvas. In the process of representation on the canvas I use the technique expressionism. Pure creative act. I am acting as a guide between human and non-human. Thinking about this, I developed a definition of my approach to the analysis of abstraction in this case - “interspecific expression”. That name referring us to the consideration of various interdisciplinary relations and associations, living and nonliving, plant, human, cybernetic, gender. Also with the desire to create new mutually beneficial interpretations on variations art with non-art. As an artist, with the help of found abstractions that require subjective and objective interpretation, I consider such questions as: who are we inside ourselves? Who is a modern person living in the era of the mass extinction of all life on the planet, surrounded by a huge number of chimerical projections of various media? What can a man of the future become? How to start thinking about the future and shape it through your actions now? Learning to think of the non-human (animals, plants, earth, material objects, time), as living, as ourselves!

The works of these topics are in the process of production, I will soon post them on the site, but for now you can get acquainted with the works of my yesterday's journey, thank you!


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